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  Propane cylinder recycling and propane cylinder recycling system.


ProSolv Recycling Certification Tag

The ProSolvģ Propane Cylinder Recycling System removes the 
sealing sleeve and internal valve stem from propane, propylene, mapp and calibration gas cylinders, empties and filters gas, allows recycling of empty cylinder as scrap steel.

The Built-in Gauge Lets You Know When Itís A Go
By briefly pressing the Gauge Activation Button youíll know whether or not the propane cylinder is empty.  If the gauge registers in the red area it is not ready to be emptied and should be put back into operation.  If it registers in the green area, itís a go!

Residual Propellant is Filtered of VOCs
The Activated Carbon Filter threads directly to the threaded opening, one 
of the safety features incorporated into the system. Although not required 
by RCRA for propane cylinder disposal, the filter addresses air quality and emissions standards.

The Activated Carbon Cartridge Does Two Things
Dry propellant moves through the Activated Carbon Cartridge, which 
adsorbs hydrocarbons and odor.  It also acts as a secondary flashback arrestor during the recycling process. 

The Activated Carbon Cartridge Contains 1 1⁄4 Pounds of Carbon
Made from ground coconut shell, the activated carbon promotes rapid evacuation of the propellant. The forty steel recycling certification tags provided with each carbon cartridge serve as the filter replacement indicator.  When all the tags have been used, the filter must be replaced for maximum efficiency.

The Result? Recyclable Steel and RCRA Compliance
After using the system, youíve got an empty steel can with a small, smooth-edged hole. In as little as five seconds. No spills. No jagged edges. And, no compressed gas, so itís ready for recycling with your other scrap steel.

Relieve the Pressure of Propane Cylinder Disposal
A propane cylinder canít be relieved of pressure through normal use. Even when ďemptyĒ, the retained propellant can react to heat or pressure when crushed or bailed. With the system, you can safely remove the sealing sleeve and internal valve stem, relieve the pressure, and filter the propellant. By recycling the depressurized propane cylinder, youíll eliminate an entire category of waste from your waste stream.

Prevent Static Build-Up...Automatically
Each system is shipped with an Anti-Static Wire. The six-foot length anti-static wire provides convenient installation, anywhere in your plant. Attached to the unit by an Allen screw and ring-terminal, it prevents static build-up by grounding the unit, as required by OSHA for liquid storage vessels.


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